Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Senior Session at Audubon in Falmouth, Maine

Abby and I scheduled her session on a gorgeous July summer night a few weeks ago.  True to Maine weather, we had to wait out a summer thunder storm-but then the skies cleared and we were left with absolutely stunning evening light
I'm so happy that we did not cancel because we had an amazing time together!
Abby's session was at the Audubon in Falmouth, Maine.  It is a beautiful location with so many backdrop options.  The wildflowers were in their full glory!  One hilarious thing happened when Abby was sitting among the tall grass surrounded by flowers (image 4, 5 & 6)-a group of hikers saw me and what looked like me taking pictures of the ground....because of the tall grass, they did not see Abby.  When the gentleman inquired what I was taking pictures of, he seemed surprised that there was indeed, another person in front of me!  
Note to self: Next time I'm at the Audubon-Wear TONS of bug spray!  The mosquito may be the new Falmouth Audubon bird!  Just kidding :)

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