Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy 2016!!

From our family to yours.......

Getting ready for our Christmas Card Photo Shoot takes forever.  Outfit planning begins a month in advance, which leads to panic and opinions on what to wear and where we will have our session.  This is all chaos among kid activities, shopping and working and eating and sleeping-yes, everyday life. But I love it!  This is my absolute favorite thing that we do every year.  It brings my girls together.  We take our time and just have fun.  This year we found plaid shirts that the girls agreed to, they all put on black pants, got the curling iron out and put on a touch of make-up, cranked the music on high and turned the fan on low.    Against a backdrop in the house-here are the images they created! Thanks Tia, Lucy and Pearl for being such amazing models and for joining in on my christmas card obsession!